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Thank you guys for all your happy birthday wishes, I really appreciate that!

It was pretty regular one, just this time I became an owner of a car so that was pretty exciting :3

I am also looking forward to promote Equestria Jukebox even further after a number of updates so please stay tuned!
Now it has been week since the release, thank you guys for checking out!

Some of you wondered about bigger screens. Well today is a special day because fullscreen update is out!

(press some orangy rectanglish button at the top right of the room!)

Equestria Jukebox -
It has happened!

If nothing goes wrong...

Oh I am so excited for this! I have been working on it for almost exactly 2 years now and soon that Pony Avatar Creator DEMO is going to upgrade to the full music streaming service with ponies in just 24 hours!

Let's hope for the best.


You can also follow @EqstrJukebox on Twitter to be in touch with the news on the project!

Stay tuned!
This is it! It is finally almost there what I was doing with such passion and courage to show you - Equestria Jukebox enters open alpha stage soon!

Read more about it here:…
Hello there, everyone!

It has been a long while since I made any update news and the reasons are that I didn't have much info to share neither couldn't wrap my head over composing a journal post.
However, finally I'm able now, bless Celestia!

I want to make it clear now what I have been doing for the past year since the release of Pony Avatar Creator Demo
That demo shows some very basic things of what I wanted to create and working on right now: a music player with custom pony DJing songs.
A lot of people got fond of my tiny demo - there are so many views and comments on deviantArt and recently avatar gallery reached one thousand pony avatars to up more than 2 gb of hard drive disk space!

Since the release of demo I continued learning programming, got skilled in it enough to make a decent web-service.
That's right! I have been working on an online instant music player with ponies which would allow everyone willing to create their own music room, place their custom pony avatar as a DJ, invite friends, chat and all that stuff. Such long time it took to come up with a great base for it because I have been doing the whole functional stuff alone, and I didn't really need help with this as I have learned a great deal and now can put this to use. However I do have some problems with making content like pony manes, tails, items, etc. despite of have few friends who will to help me, but even this isn't a problem!

By making this post I want to make it clear for everybody what I have been doing for such a long time.
To those asking about full version I want to make it clear that I'm working on it and have done almost everything by now except avatar stuff.

Before launching public beta I might launch closed test if I'll have enough people for it, if you want to come and test it please don't hesitate and send me a note or contact me through steam!

Also I still don't have a final name for this service, stopping at "syncpon3" as a placeholder for now. If you have any ideas please leave them in comments!!!

I guess this is it for now, thank you for supporting me on deviantArt with your views, watches and favourites. I appreciate this a lot, without you I wouldn't be able to make it this far (more than a year)!

EDIT: Oh wow sweet I got an offer from Equestria Gaming to post about my beta launch! Even though I don't have approximate date I'm VERY EXCITED OMG :iconpinkieismindfckedplz:
One of the biggest and exciting projects for Rainmeter to customise your desktop has now met a new version!

Check an update entry here and experience on your own. If you ever wanted to change your casual desktop to something fresh and crisp, Omnimo is up to this task!
Recently after the last update I have make a WILD progress on the both server-side and front-end page developing and I even *almost* have finished room page (not really though still so much to do, but it is noticeable progress).

As I'm leaving for a holiday very soon I want to do what I have planned for already pretty long time - to post WIP screenshots of my progress on the site!

Also I want to thank Equestria Gaming site for noticing my Pony Avatar Creator Demo a year ago, because of them I have nice bit of traffic for such a small demo!

Also about future site name... I used "online pony" as a placeholder but that's definitely silly.
However recently I came up with "Syncpon3" as a more self describing name for a service.

Please if you have any ideas for the name, post them in the comments!
Finally I managed to pull out a journal entry!!

So during the year my Pony Avatar Creator demo thing became rather popular, thank you all for your support and feedback!
I know I almost did no updates, though I tried to stay active by answering comments and such following people on dA.

And all that time since the release of pony avatar creator I didn't abandon the project, but was working on it most of the time alone. However I'm very glad to have some help and lots of support from friends I got on dA! You and fandom music are things that push me forward to do this thing.

I didn't update much because what I did was mostly very internal technical programming stuff which doesn't fit for dA.
I began working on this project 1+ years ago on enthusiasm being a noob in ActionScript 3 and now I have gained so much experience I just can't abandon this.
I have rebuilt lots of stuff from scratch twice.

Now, I'm coming to the step where visual stuff comes up and I'm going to post WIP screenshots of a working website or Photoshop templates which I haven't fully implemented yet. Even though they would be WIPs they are still more stable then half of the year ago.

So to conclude my project:
  • Includes ponies.
  • Will give you an ability to create your own ones.
  • Will be an instant online web based music player.
  • Will be a fully functional web site.
  • A thank you for all your support!

Thank you for your attention and I hope to do more updates soon!
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My pal :icontallaferroxiv: finally started his tumblr about his conworld!

He is talented and put effort into developing it, so if you are interested in such stuff or just want to read a comic (as I personally do) don't fret to go and check out his deviantArt and tumblr blog of his conworld

Thank you for reading this!
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(I need to finally get this thing done)


And you thought I have finished working on it yet? drpe :iconmlpderpyplz:

Nope, but neither I'm not moving in a progress of doing it! It is just a pretty HUGE thing for me to do alone. However I have built some team (consisting of 3 of us lol) and they should be doing basically the content to customize your ponies.

I myself almost have done editor rebuilding and froze flash developing until I'll get a website stage done at least to embed a flash with player there.

I'm considering to post some WIP screenshots someday as my uploads to dA seem very poor lately though I'm still working on that thing!

And hay! If anyone is willing to help, you are the most welcome by me!!!
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Just after a glass and oh man that was pretty hard!

I'm here just for you to say HAPPY NEW year to everybody and everypony!

I know I wasn't very productive in 2012, but that wasn't only cuz of laziness (but if someone will curse me of that I'll be so happy). I was developing my pony video player and still doing it, never thinking of giving up. But believe me there is very much to do and I have done pretty much this year. I have to release it this year.

Also I began to draw little by little, so you can expect to see some art from me sometime later!

Of course you still can participate for my thing, called pony avatar creator, though it will be more functional online player, now it is known as creator. So you feel free to suggest mane styles and especially draw them and send to me! Feel fre to contact me via notes or add on steam! Good luck everyone and pony! /)

P.S. Also all the best wishes D:
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After of about half a year now there is a pony avatar dealer who sells let me accent this FREE images from my creator demo to gain profit in dA points. That's just flawless copyright violating as that character concept isn't mine but is a property of Hasbro.

This is just so weird and makes no sense, why you ever would want to buy an image you could make yourself not very hard...
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... so and you can save avatars again, go flood em while I'm busy doing srs business with MY version ;D
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Alright. I forgot to extend payment for domain and now avatar saving and gallery don't work.
I think it'll will be up again this week.
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... and there is not even a bit of alcohol.

Have you ever had a Halloween party in a country which doesn't know what weird and fun festivals are?
I don't even know anymore, nice start of a holiday. And I hope you too know how to start this weekend with TF2 RIGHT?!
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As you know, Borderlands 2 has been released! If you don't, too bad.
That's a rare case when the second part of the game is better that the first in everything. It's so cool that I forgot to write this entry for 3 days already!
Gearbox really can do good games (and mods, did you know that they made Half-Life: Blue Shift and Opposing Force?!) And as of talking about Half-Lifes, there is another loud release of Black Mesa Source! That's a great example showing "taking your time" (Twistb~) and making a real big and quality thing for free! Take that stupid console Call of Duty selling each map as a valuable part of game.

I'd be interested in your recent gaming experience and what games are you waiting for, don't hesitate to write in comments!

Also sometime I think I'll post some WIP screenshots for ya to check out what I have done so far.
Stay tuned

       Lexuzieel, out!
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So... let's start this thing!

That's was a long pause me not writing journal. First it was laziness and school, then it was business and lately exams. I'll try to write more updates with less text but more frequently.

First I think you all are interested in Pony Avatar Creator progress. I'll say it's going pretty good... in new features surely will be new palette, color applying system and ui.
Also I managed to fix crossdomain restrictions, which means you can take screenshots right from the dA app and more in future.

As it was just more like a tech demo I wasn't expecting a lot of popularity and didn't even tried to push it somewhere, just submitted to several groups and that's all. But you guys made it much bigger! I'm amazed how many people commented, viewed and favorited it!

Also not very long ago @EquestriaGaming made a post about this creator. Very thanks to @BlueFireDash on twitter for noticing this and mentioning this to Equestria Gaming, but now I feel a bit guilty, because it's not a finished thing and not even a half way, just a tech demo which will be improved.

All you telling about more items: manes, tails, etc. There surely will be more and YOU can help me!

Well yes, I'm doing this all by myself. However I always will listen to your advices, critiques and wishes! I don't want to be closed for you at all but don't expect me to change everything for your taste because ya know, tastes differ and it's better to find a compromise when you're doing a thing for people.

So if you want to suggest some item for me to add, feel free to send me a note or a comment to this journal including a picture, showing an item better on the part of the body. Image could be a screenshot or your own drawing in any style, scanned or digital. A little description also would be appreciated, especially for not ordinary things.

And that's all for now! I hope this shows that I'm caring what you do here for me and mention all my stuff!
I'll try to write more frequently!

Thanks for reading!
So after releasing demo of pony avatar creator I felt even more ill I hardly could answer your comments or critics, but I will answer you all very soon! Just sorry for late.

Now when I told how I spent my vacation (lol it was in some way) I have to say I'm BUCKING AMAZED by your feedback. Really, I wasn't expecting that much.

So, now I'll continue that thing. I'm already almost redone the palette to more like H model palette from photoshop. YOU NEED DETAILS? OK: [DETAILS] actually it's an instrument to pick the colors in HSL color model and works separately from visual part, only mathematics :iconapplejackplz: But that visual part too looks much prettier than before. It already outputs color hex code and preview, I only have to make back compatibility with RGB color model. [/DETAILS]

Also for custom manes... I'm really not sure, because it's another bunch of work and brain hurting I don't know is it worth it or just make a dozens of manes, which I'm really plan.

About the interface: I'd like to redo it, not the buttons (they are pretty nice aren't they?), but items picker.

And animations... yeah... someday... more... ugh.

I think I'll just update that deviant when I'll make an updated palette or more, what do you think? Or to make new deviant? D:

That's all for now
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So the big work have been done, I have done most of the base of Pony Avatar Creator (Demo) and now waiting all those feedback and critiques to try to make it better, following your suggestions. Have nothing more to say for now... ~

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